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LG stays committed to WebOS platform for smart TVs, new version launching in 2015

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By Harish Jonnalagadda on 26 Jun 2014 09:23 am

LG is planning to roll out a new version of WebOS operating system next year which will be used to power all of its high-end smart TVs. While LG already uses WebOS to power its Internet-connected TVs, the South Korean manufacturer is looking at ways to extend the platform to communicate with other connected devices in the future. To achieve this, LG has launched an SDK for WebOS which allows third-party devs to build apps for the platform.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, head of LG's TV business Lee In-kyu mentioned that WebOS-powered TVs will give LG an edge over Samsung. While Samsung may have the upper hand in terms of sales, it is still in the process of developing a platform for its smart TVs, with the open source Tizen platform looking like a strong contender.

Although developer interest in WebOS has been lukewarm over the years, LG said that strong sales of WebOS-powered TVs, which are at 1.1 million, would likely bring more developers to build apps tailored to the platform.

While other TV manufacturers like Sony, Sharp and Philips are set to launch models running Android TV next year, LG is sticking by WebOS, and hash't announced any intention to launch a smart TV running Google's latest TV platform.

Do you think LG's decision to stick to WebOS will pay off?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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LG stays committed to WebOS platform for smart TVs, new version launching in 2015


Yes, webOS still exists and still has a loyal following (forums.webosnation.com).  I purchased one of the new LG webOS sets and absolutely love it. I've had Visio and Samsung smart TV's and while both were 'good', they still felt clunky on the 'smart' aspect of things.  After having the LG TV for a couple of months I can truly say this is how smart television sets should function.  Smooth, well thought out, and the UI is fantastic.  There are more apps coming out all the time and I find myself using the TV for streaming more than I do my Roku 3.  I think LG can do very well with committing to this system!

I remember when my daughter had a Web os phone back in the day. She would not part with it. I'm curious what it looks like.

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If companies make Android TVs, and boxes with HDMI passthrough and webcam support for Hangouts and the like, I'll be recommending them to all my friends and family. Not only will we be able to play games on them and let others play their own content from their own devices without having to sign in, we will be able to keep in touch with group video chats from the comfort of our livingrooms. The only thing Hangouts should probably add is the ability to answer a call without video for those people who don't happen to be dressed for a video chat moment :p

I was looking at a ultra HD 55" tv and the LG was my front runner, but I won't buy anything now until I can evaluate android TV. And if it's good I will only buy a TV with native support.