South Korean company LG will unveil the first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard at the IFA show being held in Berlin, Germany from September 4th to 9th.

It's called the "Rolly Keyboard" and it can be quickly rolled up into an easy-to-carry "stick" that will fit into a purse, briefcase, or one's pocket as LG claims. The Rolly features 17mm keys, which are just slightly smaller than the 18mm key pitch found on most desktop keyboards. It will offer that satisfying tactile feedback that many other flexible silicone style keyboards don't have. Rolly can also be connected to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth 3.0, and allows you to switch back and forth between the devices with a simple key press. It's powered by a single AAA battery that LG claims will last up to three months of average use.

The Rolly Keyboard is set to make its US debut in September, with Europe, Latin American and Asian markets coming in the fourth quarter. Prices have not yet been mentioned.

Source : LG