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LG's connected appliances launch, texting with your washing machine is about to be a thing

LG connected washing machine and refrigerator
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 7 May 2014 09:33 am

LG has begun rolling out smart appliances that can be controlled via text messages. You can interact with LG's smart appliances via HomeChat, a messaging service that utilizes Natural Language Processing to translate your text messages into actionable commands. The HomeChat service uses Line messaging app to communicate with appliances, and comes with a Quick Button feature that allows you to access an appliance's most commonly used functions. Initially, LG is rolling out a HomeChat-compatible smart washing machine, refrigerator and microwave oven.

The texting feature allows you to remotely start your washing machine's wash cycle by texting, "Start washing cycle." You can also get real-time updates from the appliances by texting, "What are you doing?" LG's smart refrigerator, meanwhile, comes with a camera through which you can view the contents of your fridge from your smartphone or tablet. The fridge also comes with a Smart Manager utility that offers recommendations based on the items stored in the fridge. You even get a Freshness Tracker feature that allows you to keep a track of expiration dates of various items in the fridge.

LG's smart microwave oven can offer recipe suggestions and send alerts when new recipes are available. The South Korean unveiled the appliances at CES 2014 and says they will be available in the U.S. market soon, but hasn't mentioned any pricing details. For now, they're only available in South Korea.

Samsung has a similar Smart Home service through which you can monitor home appliances, TVs and mobile devices. The Smart Home app allows you to monitor control multiple devices simultaneously from a single location.

Source: LG

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LG's connected appliances launch, texting with your washing machine is about to be a thing


Text to oven (6:21:03 PM): "How's my pizza?"
Oven (6:21:36 PM): "It's not quite done yet."
Text to oven (6:22:01 PM): "Thanks, let me know when it's ready."
Oven (6:22:30): "It's perfect!"
Oven (6:22:59): "Your pizza is on fire."

Text to oven (6:23:03): "Put it out, then!"
Oven (6:23:55): "I'm your oven, not your maid, mstrblueskys. Put it out yourself."

I imagine the oven as the sassiest of all appliances.

I guess setting up texting technology is easier, but I wouldn't be interested in these until there was at least a full blown app, that way I would get more control/information/notifications. Going downstairs to the basement to see that my dryer still has 7minutes to go is getting annoying lol #firstworldproblems

I would like a text when it is done. Apparently new machines don't buzz like a tornado warning like my moms did back in the day. I'll forget a started a load and it will set all day.

As long as it is improving upon the existing washers and dryers, go for it. But if this is just to say 'We can' then they should be focusing somewhere else. Also, why not controlled by an app? That would allow a lot more control over the information.

I'm not sure I see a need for myself to communicate with my appliances remotely. However if I was to, I'd much rather have an app to do it than via SMS.

That's the problem with LG appliances. They spend their money on little gadgets and shiny finishes, while completely neglecting the mechanical integrity.

Sure, Home Depot will sell them cheap, but when they break (and they will), almost nobody is willing to repair them because they're so cheaply made. I've learned a lot about appliance quality working with an appliance repair tech.


Washing Machine (8:21:03 AM): "I am broken...and leaking"
Me to Washing Machine (8:21:36 AM): "What the *!%$! do you expect me to do? I'm at work"
Washing Machine to Xader (8:22:01 AM): "I am broken...and leaking."
Xader to Washing Machine (8:22:30 AM): "Thursday 11am?"
Washing Machine to Xader (8:22:59 AM): "Perfect!" (adds to calendar).
Calendar to me (8:30:00): "Xader arriving to fix washer at 11AM, Thursday"

I love the idea of a connected kitchen, actually I think it's just home automation in general that I get excited about but being able to preheat your over from a block away or get a notification when the washer finishes is freaking cool and welcome features!

i would rather have a dedicated app for this than control these appliances via text messages. if you ask me the app may or may not have real time updates coming through but updates on demand are a necessity and the instructions and updates may be given via text messages via the app itself utilising the message service if the data service is not active.