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LG's G Watch rumored to land on wrists in July

LG G Watch's pricing and launch date gets rumored
By Chuong H Nguyen on 10 Jun 2014 04:08 pm

LG's G Watch is anticipated to undercut Samsung's Gear 2 Neo pricing when it lands on consumer's wrists. The G Watch is reported to be debuting at a very competitive price in the UK on July 7th, roughly a week after Google's I/O conference in San Francisco, California this year.

Though neither LG nor Google have confirmed the G Watch's launch date or pricing, the information comes by way of MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien who says that LG's wearable foray will "undercut the entry level Gear 2 and massively undercut the Pebble Steel." Still, despite being believed to be priced competitively, O'Brien still thinks that the G Watch will be priced higher than Sony's Smartwatch 2.

The G Watch has popped up in the news recently as multiple outlets are reporting that the device may be one of Google's giveaways for developers to try out at the Google I/O conference that kicks off towards the end of the month. Giving developers access to the G Watch may spur interest in the Android Wear platform that powers the wearables, potentially leading to new apps and utilities to come to the smartwatch.

We'll still have to wait for an official announcement from LG.

Source: MoDaCo

Reader comments

LG's G Watch rumored to land on wrists in July


Great news, I personally think that a square smart watch is a more realistic shape, because a round screen will inadvertently have to be bigger just to make it finger Frendly. The leaked photo of the Moto 360 is evidence of that.

Looks cool, nice to have more finger real estate with a square / rectangle l(ike) face watch vs a circular watch. I am sure both devices will be fun to use. The ever lasting question is battery life and some may feel "less is more" as in do I really need to have another device to look after? I have my bluetooth devices, my phone, my keys, my wallet, oops don't forget my watch which I have to recharge every single night.

Oh boy, another nerd id-bracelet. I'm still holding out for form and function that doesn't look like I should be wearing a pocket-protector (Samsung, LG, Sony, Pebble) and doesn't require a 4-digit investment (Kairos).

Way too limited in function. I want the potential of a full digital face with a form that doesn't scream "look, we attached straps to a miniature tablet"

Looking forward to is release. Not immediately inclined to even look into the LG watch, but waiting for more info on the 360. Regardless, this should give us a good look at exactly how AndroidWear will look.

Somewhat related, since updating my Galaxy Gear to the new Tizen OS, I've shut off the whole "gesture to wake" and I'm now getting 4+ days of battery life.

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