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Lifelogger's face camera will keep your hands free so you can always be recording

By Daniel Rubino on 13 May 2014 11:05 am

If Google Glass is out of your budget range, but you still want to record your life story, Lifelogger may be your answer. The concept behind Lifelogger is a familiar one: wear a camera that can easily record from your point-of-view all of those important memories, such as birthdays, playing with your children or high-fiving your cat. The little piece of technology is currently in the development stage, and it's looking to ship in late 2014. What's more, if you're on Android or iOS, you'll get a nifty app that will allow you to manage all of your videos, including the ability to upload them to the cloud.

Currently in Kickstarter mode, the team behind the video recorder tool is seeking to raise a massive $150,000 is just 48 days. The good news is they will take as little as $1 from your skeptical hands although $169 (or more) will nab you one of the little video cameras, which is about $1300 less than what Google Glass is fetching for (granted Glass does much more).

Lifelogger will come with Wi-Fi, GPS (for meta-tagging), 128 MB of memory (expandable with micro SD; unit comes with 32 GB), Gyro and a decently sized 5 MP camera for recording. Users can wirelessly view the videos on their phone, and upload them to the cloud where they will get Video Stabilization, Face Detection, OCR, Voice Recognition and GPS positioning on a map, all of which are handled by the Lifelogger service. If you don't like the whole 'cloud' thing, you can just connect up a USB cable and transfer them to your computer for your own editing.

Overall, Lifelogger seems like an interesting service-hardware combo. It remains to be seen if they can deliver on the goods, but if you were looking to Borg-ify yourself on a budget, this may be your best bet.

Source: Kickstarter

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Lifelogger's face camera will keep your hands free so you can always be recording


I guess it doesn't look much different than wearing a bluetooth headset. I'm not sure if people will buy into wearing just a camera on their head without some other functionality. Google Glass or some of the others like it will do more for people than just record video.

You're right; eventually all these things become natural and an everyday occurance. I personally think a device like this is really cool, it gives a perspective that only one person can ever have, at any given time. I would love one, but I cant say i'm brave enough to wear one :P

This reminds me of those really lame infomercial products. Just the way it looks and the model that's wearing it.

I don't know if anyone noticed this but isn't this a bit expensive for a camera that can be worn on one's head? I mean yes, granted it has wifi, gps and a gyro sensor but you still would have to carry it around right. Now I don't know how much adoption it gets but I would still rather use a handycam or a point-and-shoot for this even if it means that I have to use a hand coz ofcourse if I'm doing some work my head will bob around and that would spoil the 'life blog' wouldn't it?

But I think it's pretty cool. And it's way too cool if it can record 24 hours long, it really logs your life.

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