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LifeTrak introduces waterproof, long-lasting, and biometric R415

By Simon Sage on 10 Jan 2014 12:42 pm

LifeTrak was at CES 2014 showing off a particularly impressive new model, the R415. It boasts monitoring for sleep, walking, heart rate, and will have a waterproof build (though the prototypes on display weren't quite there yet). Data is stored locally on the watch for a week, though you can pair up with a smartphone over Bluetooth to connect to a handful of different apps thanks to an open developer API. Of course, you also have the usual smartphone notifications from SMS, calls, and e-mails. Possibly best of all, the R415 will be able to crank out 6 - 12 months of battery life on a standard watch battery. 

Between the modest price point of $129, the respectable amount of style, and killer battery life, I'm going to have trouble resisting getting this watch when it goes on sale this summer. 

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Reader comments

LifeTrak introduces waterproof, long-lasting, and biometric R415


Definitely feature packed with an awesome battery but for me add an e-paper screen and I'm sold!

Like the round bezel. Is much better than those square ones. But looks kinda plain.

Wonder when will start seeing smart watchs that charge via solar or via movement on wrist like some Citizens do.

Then these things will REALLY take off!!!

This one seems very promising! I love the battery life and the fact that it uses a standard watch battery.

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