The LightFreq Bluetooth lightbulbs also play your tunes, because why not?

The LightFreq Bluetooth lightbulbs also play your tunes, because why not?
By Joseph Keller on 14 May 2014 01:39 pm

Lightfreq is a new Bluetooth-enabled, high-efficiency lightbulb. The bulb also contains an 80 dB speaker and a microphone, letting you listen to music or use Lightfreq as a baby monitor, among other things.

Connecting to your smartphone through the Lightfreq app, the bulb can be customized in a number of different ways. You can customize everything from what time the blub will turn on to the different modes it uses, such as Solid, Strobe, and Dance. Lightfreq can also be customized with colors, and the app contains a color wheel that allows you to pick your desired hue. You can customize notifications for a number of services as well, like Twitter, Facebook, and more. Lightfreq can also track your location in your home using Bluetooth. This allows Lightfreq to turn itself on and off depending on your proximity to a room with one of the bulbs.

The Lightfreq bulbs are not yet for sale, and the company will be launching their Kickstarter in a little over four days, but you can check out the company website now. Are you interested in this customizeable lightbulb? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

Source: Lightfreq

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The LightFreq Bluetooth lightbulbs also play your tunes, because why not?


This is a very interesting idea. As I'm in the market for some LED RGBW bulbs these might be something to look more at once the kickstarter starts, though not sure how much I would be able to get utility out of the added speaker / microphone concept.

Mood lighting as you walk round the house cool, visual notifications so you can turn the phone onto silent. I will definitely be checking this out.

I'll wait and see how it all comes together. If it does everything to a meh standard then I'll be sticking with the alternatives that do less but better.

This would be even better if the color was to correlate with a particular key or frequency of sound, and then the lights automatically changed based on that... But I love these gadgets that just make enjoying music more fun, and add some mood lighting to parties.

Yeah, I have the Sphero, and I think it would have the same functionality (minus the sound). Such a shame theres so little apps developed for the thing :(

This is very interesting. I hope the support is cross platform wide. And I think it's cooler if the speaker's more powerful.

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This is intruiging. Pretty sure I don';t need one, but I realyl want one. The Kickstarter will be interesting; can't wait to see how they've priced it.