LittleBits new Smart Home Kit is a DIY dream for your connected home

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2014 02:59 pm

If the idea of a connected home appeals to you — but the price of multiple high-end devices doesn't — LittleBits may have just the answer. With their new Smart HomeKit, LittleBits gives you a bunch of modules and accessories to connected all over your home, letting you connect just about anything to the internet in some way.

The kit includes 14 modules that range from a temperature sensor to MP3 player, as well as accessories like an AC switch for controlling wall outlets. You can let your imagination run wild as you come up with all kinds of fun connected tweaks in your home. Power your cat feeder, turn on your lights, control your air conditioner, open your blinds — the possibilities are (almost) endless.

The $249 kit includes everything you need to get going, but you'll be able to order more modules individual as your needs grow. Or you can skip the kit all together and just opt for the pieces you need to get the job done, the choice is yours.

The LittleBits Smart Home Kit is up for preorder now and will begin shipping in early December.

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LittleBits new Smart Home Kit is a DIY dream for your connected home

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My first glance thought: This is to real home automation what a those Radio Shack electronic kits are to wiring a house.

It may be interesting for someone to play around with but it's not serious home control/automation. Home automation first of all has logic to control the house... automatically (for lack of a better word). "Real" home control should blend into the house and almost be unseen. This kit will do neither.