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Logitech adds Sonos speaker support to its universal remotes

By Rich Edmonds on 9 Jun 2014 06:01 am

Logitech has updated its Harmony family of universal remotes, alongside the Harmony mobile companion app, to offer support for Sonos audio systems. But it doesn't just stop there, because the app and Ultimate remote can also provide convenient access to favorite Sonos playlists and stations. If you happen to be proud of your Sonos audio system setup, why not throw in a smart remote to work all the magic?

The tech company also has its sights on set-top boxes, including the likes of Amazon's Fire TV. Logitech is enabling consumers to search for content on said devices using the app to offer a more universal experience when moving from room to room. Did we also mention the Philips Hue support? Set the mood, throw on some tunes and you're good to go for an awesome, relaxed evening.

What else would make Sonos even more awesome?

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

Logitech adds Sonos speaker support to its universal remotes


YES! I love the Logitech remotes and Sonos and now to have my remote be able to work my Sonos system too is amazing. Once they announce that I've won the Connectedly contest (positive thinking), I'll have a Playbar to go with my system and will update my Logitech One remote as well. I love getting this type of info from this site. Keep up the good work guys!!

If you follow the source you'll learn that it won't work with your one I'm afraid. I mean and how could it ? As the one would somehow need some means to convert signals from the remote to some sort of UPNP play commands.

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out at some point but at least they are going in the same direction. For now, I have a Connect to my existing stereo system and my Logitech has a Listen to Sonos command that turns on the stereo at the proper input and starts playing. It's doing the job and by the time I get the Playbar and Sub, maybe they'll have advanced as well.

Off-Topic: Speaking about Sonos, when is the outcome of the contest you guys pulled in the month of May??
On-Topic: A good step from Logitec, it makes the universal remote more universal. just one question: will there be some kind of display on the remote since you guys stated that you'll be able to select your playlist aswell..