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Logitech enters the smart home race with new Harmony remotes and Home Hub

By John Callaham on 17 Sep 2014 09:33 am

Logitech, which makes a ton of PC accessories and advanced remotes, is now entering the connected home arena with two new members of its Harmony remote control family, along with the Harmony Home Hub.

Both the newly announced $149.99 Harmony Home Control remote and the $349.99 Harmony Ultimate Home remote come with the Home Hub, which can also be purchased separately for $99.99. The company is also selling the Logitech Harmony Hub Extender for $129.99 which enables Home Hub to control "lights, locks, sensors, garage doors and other devices operating through ZigBee or Z-Wave." Logitech says:

With just a few easy steps your remote, tablet or smartphone can now control your TV, set-top box, speakers, lighting, thermostat, door locks, window shades and other popular devices. Plus, you can easily combine multiple devices into Activities to trigger at once so you can power on your TV, dim your lights, adjust the temperature and open your window shades all at the same time. You can start an Activity with one touch of your remote or mobile device, automatically on a custom schedule, or by passing a sensor. You can even trigger Activities from the Harmony Mobile App when you're not at home.

All of these products will go on sale in September, except for the Harmony Home Extender which will become available in December. What do you think of Logitech entering the smart home industry?

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Logitech enters the smart home race with new Harmony remotes and Home Hub


In my book, Logitech dropped the ball when they abandoned the Squeezebox and the customer base. As for remote control, just go Android: there's Unified remote, other remotes, Android Wear, tablets with built in infrared, Wifi, Bluetooth, apps etc etc. Why pay $150 or $350 for a Logitech remote? I could get a full PC for $350. Overpriced, much?

I like my Harmony Ultimate. I have it set to manage a number of connected devices, including my Hue lights. It also controls my Sonos. Yes I could use an app on my phone and in fact the Harmony comes with one. I like that the remote is always in the room and doesn't need to be unlocked to turn on the tv. It might be a bit over priced but it makes my life easier and what's that worth?