Unlike Nest Cam and other competitors, the new Logi Circle is portable and offers a 30-second hyperlapse of the day's activities

Logitech has announced its latest home security camera called the Circle, which it is releasing under its new Logi brand. It's the latest product in a market segment that has seen a lot of companies making attempts at.

The Logi Circle wants to be more like a family companion than a security camera. It hopes to do this by offering portability with an internal battery that lets you easily move the camera from room to room. It features a 'Daily Brief' option that will show you the days recap in a quick 30-second clip -- think Hyperlapse -- so you're not sitting there viewing each capture one by one. Logitech says the Circle will filter ambient motion such as night lights and other irrelevant movements with what they call 'Scene Intuition'. It will be interesting to see how the Circle learns and manages what it deems as relevant or not.

In terms of technical specs, it features 135-degree angle viewing, a magnetic base, and can last for up to twelve hours on a single battery charge. The Circle lets you check in on your footage with their free app that is available for both Android 4.4 and up as well as all iOS 8.1 or newer devices. The portability offered with its internal battery is a big convenience over the likes of the Nest Cam. However, the downsides include the same lack of internal SD card storage and the need for all your footage to be stored in the cloud. Circle offers 24 hours of storage at no cost.

The Logi Circle is $199.99 and available in either white or black colors.

Get your Logi Circle / $199.99

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