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A look at Meta - the new premium line from MetaWatch #CESlive

By Adam Zeis on 8 Jan 2014 03:38 pm

One of the smartwatches I was pumped to check out at #CESlive was the Meta — the latest offering from MetaWatch designed by former Vertu designer Frank Nuovo. The new line adds a premium selection of devices to the current Frame and Strata that MetaWatch offers. Smartwatches are becoming more and more a part of daily life for many users, so having a line of premium devices just makes sense.

The Meta is designed as more of a fashion accessory for those that aren't quite happy with the look of current device on the market. The high-end design of the Meta brings the device to a new set of users and will make more of a statement than lower-end watches. It's still unclear just how many devices we'll see in total for the Meta line and also what the price will be, but we do know that we can expect to see them sometime in April. 

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Reader comments

A look at Meta - the new premium line from MetaWatch #CESlive


I have to say...I'm not a big fan of the new designs.

I was a huge fan of Metawatch to begin with; but there was a rather long stretch where we heard nothing from them with the exception of the seemingly random Metawatch Manager update. And even that never really seemed to bring much to the table.

Looking forward to trying out the new firmware updates...Hopefully it will include a good music app, as the previous one was almost unusable.

I agree. I have been considering the different options and really like the style of the current Metawatch Frame, but wanted to see what they had in the pipeline. These new devices with the "armature" do not appeal to me in the least even if the actual bands do look premium and the display is better.