See some cool tech on this site that you wouldn't mind trying before buying? There's a neat website that offers a pretty unique service for tech and gadget lovers alike: Think of it as a new-age Blockbuster for gadgets. Lumoid is a website that offers wearables, drones and camera equipment for rent or for try-at-home before you buy.

Trying to figure out which smartwatch is for you? Maybe you need a high-end SLR camera for that family vacation. Or perhaps you just want to rent a drone so you can rescue yours. Lumoid lets you order from a long list of products on their website, which they will ship directly to your door. Your trial beings the minute the delivery man delivers or attempts to deliver your package. Once the rental period you specified expires, just send the product back using the prepaid label. If you decide you love the product and would rather keep it, Lumoid will let you purchase it. They will even apply all or part of the rental fee towards its purchase.

Wearables are a relatively new market segment, and many people are still trying to decide if it's something they would benefit from owning. Lumoid is currently running a promotion that lets you pick five wearables on a 2-week trial for just $25. Pick the five wearables you want, test them for two weeks, and then keep the one you like or send them all back. Cool!

Check out to try out some new gear!