Feel clean. Look refreshed.

Sometimes the daily beauty routine is relaxing, other times it's a rush. Whatever kind of day you're having, make the most of your prep rituals with the Luna facial cleansing brush.

The classy cleanser

Zits suck. Blackheads are a pain. Dry skin is brutal. The Luma facial cleansing brush wants to take care of all of these things in one elegant solution. Available in three styles for normal, sensitive and combination skin types, the Luma sends gentle pulses through your skin as you scrub in your cleanser of choice. The soft-touch silicone touch points remove dead skin cells, lift makeup residue, and open pores by freeing oil and dirt. When your skin is clean, it absorbs your beauty products better, so your entire beauty routine is more effective. The pulses help lather and evenly apply your facial cleanser helping your products last longer.

FOREO Luna Facial Cleansing Device

Luna for sensitive skin


FOREO's Luna cleansing brush removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells with silicone scrubbers and gentle pulses to leave your skin looking healthy and youthful.

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Clean brush, clean face.

Best of all, the Luna is a hygienic alternative to traditional brushes which can trap bacteria in their bristles, undermining the full effectiveness of your cleansing routine. Easily rinse the silicone head to remove cleansing residue, oil, and dirt preparing your Luna for its next treatment, leaving you with healthier-looking skin.