Get a Lyfe

Make your office plant stand out or turn your living room mini cactus into a conversation piece with Lyfe the levitating plant holder!

A green thumb and a magic spell!

Plants are good. They give us oxygen which is important. They're leafy, sometimes. But overall a potted plant is kinda boring. Add some magic to your Marigolds, hover to your herbs. Or some air to your Agave with [Lyfe(], the world's first floating planter.



Lyfe is the levitating plant holder which magically allows your potted plants to defy gravity and hover in midair!

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The secret of Lyfe

Using carefully balanced magnets, Lyfe is able to levitate it's 12-sided vase over its base for a magical effect. The planter gently spins allowing your plant to receive sunlight from all directions. Lyfe's specially-curated selection of plants are able to survive without soil. Between its gravity-defying display and mesmerizing rotating reservoir, Lyfe is a hypnotic companion for your home or office.