I'd tap that

In a home filled with connected TVs, thermostats, (heck, even appliances), an elegant solution to manage them all has yet to emerge. Until Kickstarter introduced us to Knocki. With a few taps and knocks to any surface with an attached Knocki you can control your whole home.

Knock Knock. Who's there?

The Knocki is a small disc that can be attached to walls, underneath a table, or on top of a counter top and make the area around it react to your taps and knocks. This means with a Knocki attached to your coffee table you could dim the lights, turn on the TV, activate your Sonos system, and play a movie. Set one up on a wall to control your thermostat, trigger a smart lock, or arm your home security system. By setting up your Knocki through your smartphone you can program each Knocki in your home to do hundreds of things!



Attach a Knocki to any surface in your home to turn it into a touch-sensitive smart surface.

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Connecting your home

Knocki works right out of the box, even if you don't have other smart devices in your home. Just by setting up Knocki with an app on your phone, you can program your Knocki to alert you if someone knocks on your door, send a pre-programmed text (On my way, running late), or even to find your lost cell phone. However, Knocki was designed to work best with other smart devices allowing you to control music streaming services, smart TVs, security systems, thermostats, lighting, and much more. Use a single Knocki or several throughout your home to make your smart devices manageable with just a knock.