No whiteboard is equal

Every great brainstorming session in history involves a whiteboard and a marker. This is a fact. Equil's Smartmarker turns any whiteboard into a smart surface, ensuring these valuable ideas are saved forever!

The smarter way to brainstorm

Sure! You can always snap a photo of a whiteboard so none of your valuable brainstorming ideas get lost. But somehow between the pinching and zooming to try and decipher what was written you end up losing a lot of momentum and time.

The Equil Smartmarker is a two-part system to make any whiteboard smart. First, slide your regular old markers into the Smartmarker sleeve. Next attach the Smartmarker's capture board on to your whiteboard. Now, wherever you write the Smartmarker will remember and best of all share with your team!

Equil Smartmarker Complete Package


The Smartmarker lets you use your existing markers and whiteboard and transforms them into a smart surface for collaborative brainstorming!

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Collaborate from anywhere

Anyone on your team with a laptop, tablet, or phone can see everything you draw on the whiteboard in real time. They can customize it with their own annotations providing a great space for collaboration. So whether you're at the far end of the boardroom table or in another city, everyone can work together on the same project in real time.

The Smartmarker also has onboard memory, so it won't forget anything you wrote. It works great with platforms like Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and plenty  more. The Equil Smartmarker uses your existing markers and whiteboard to move your brainstorming sessions into the future.