Martian and Guess double down on smartwatches with real watch style #CES2015

By Russell Holly on 6 Jan 2015 09:14 pm

While Google and Apple have made it clear they plan to make smartwatches a touchscreen-focused experience, there's still plenty of companies out there working hard to embed smarter features into traditional watch designs. The folks at Guess have decided that the way Martian Smartwatches has been doing things is the way to go, and so their new partnership has created a whole new line of devices aimed at both style-focused users and several options for women. During CES this year the two companies are showing off what that partnership looks like, and why it matters. Adam and Rene took a quick look at what makes the Martian platform special, and it turns out everything comes down to audible responses and a multi-pattern vibration setup that allows users to prioritize notifications without even looking at the watch.

It's cool to see Martian continuing to come up with new ways to set themselves apart, especially with their future plans to interact with the connected home through voice commands. If you're not totally sold on having a big screen on your wrist, Martian and Guess have lots of things to show you.

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Martian and Guess double down on smartwatches with real watch style #CES2015


One of the largest problems with smartwatches is battery life, did they state how long the battery would last on one of these watches ?