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Martian to debut new watch and voice command features at CES

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2013 12:54 pm

The folks at Martian are gearing up for CES in grand fashion. Not only will they be showing off some new voice command features, but they will also be debuting a brand new device. No details on just what it will be, but we’re hoping for perhaps an updated design with a lower price point. As with other devices in the Martian line, the new watch will feature an integrated OLED display to deliver real-time notifications for email, SMS, phone calls, social networks and much more. The watch will also act as a camera shutter and have a“tap glass” feature to repeat notifications and view notification history.

We’ll have plenty more on Martian and others when we head to CES in just a few weeks — stay tuned!

Reader comments

Martian to debut new watch and voice command features at CES


It's always nice to see premium watch manufacturers embrace wearable tech, however to me the Martian series are just ugly ... Looks like a watch my Grandfather would enjoy, not sure that he would be able to read the alerts on it though ;-)

See this one actually looks nice enough that I might be interested. I don't want something clunky and super digital. I want one that looks like a normal fancy watch.

The Martian Victory is just straight up sexy.
A voice activated one would be interesting...... but talking to your watch may mean people think you belong in a straight jacket. lol

I like the idea of being able to do more than just simply see my notifications. I love my pebble to death but there are times when I receive a text message and I just want to quickly respond to it by being able to activate a microphone to send a message. I don't want to use this to take phone calls because that is worth me taking out my phone. Plus Martian has a style that is a little more professional and less techy which makes me feel nerdy in some meetings.