Martian Notifier line coming in Q2 for $129 - We go hands-on!

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2014 01:35 am

During Pepcom at CES I got a chance to chat with the folks at Martian about the new Notifier line of watches. The Notifier has a more "fun" design that of the current devices and features a small OLED screen on the watch face for receiving notifications. The watch works with Android and iOS and can receive alerts for any app on your phone that offers notifications — email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — you name it.

The Notifier line is due out sometime in Q2 of this year and will retail for $129. Not a bad price if you're looking to pick up a new watch in the next few months. 

Check out our full hands-on video above then drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Martian Notifier line coming in Q2 for $129 - We go hands-on!


This is something that I would wear when I want something with a real face. I'm not giving up my Pebble, but this is another weapon in the arsenal.

Why cant you guys link to the actual company website anywhere in the post ? The Martial link takes me to their subpage on your website. #FAIL
Edit: I know its just a google search away but still .....

This particular watch is perfect for me.
Good price. See any notification. Simple Voice activation of phone.

Connect my bluetooth and this watch to my phone would be the perfect compliment.

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