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Martian Notifier smartwatch going on sale June 1

By Derek Kessler on 9 Apr 2014 09:43 am

After a debut at CES 2014, the Martian Notifier smartwatch will finally hit retailers in June. The Notifier, which combines analog time telling with Bluetooth-connected notifications and voice control, displays notifications from your phone on an integrated OLED display. Voice commands are activated at a push of a button, and numerous motion controls can activate other functions on the device.

The Notifier is set to be available at "major retailers nationwide" for $129. Go ahead and check out our hands-on with the Martian Notifier above, and our chat with Martian's Pam Niemi at #CESlive

Press release:

Martian Watches' Award-winning Martian Notifier Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Just in Time for Dads and Grads

Martian's Retro-chic, Stylish Smartwatch Coming to Major Retail Stores Nationwide This June

New York City, NY – April 9, 2014 – Martian WatchesTM, a California-based, award-winning developer of fashionable wireless technologies, including the world's first Bluetooth® voice-command smartwatch, today announces its new Martian NotifierTM line of smartwatches will be available in major retail outlets nationwide starting June 1. In addition, both the Martian Voice Command and Martian Notifier watch lines will be on display at the media-only DigitalFocus Pepcom event on April 10 from 6PM-9PM at the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center building in downtown New York City.

Tweet This: @MartianWatches Delivers Fashionable #MartianNotifier #Smartwatches to excited customers online and via national electronics powerhouse, @BestBuy.

The Martian Notifier was designed for the fashion- and cost-conscious consumer who wants a notification-enabled smartwatch that also brings an industry-first feature "Smart Notification" filter and customized vibration capabilities.

Martian Notifier's Smart Notifications App allows three unique levels of notification support: it first lets you filter the notification types you want sent to the watch, so you receive only those that are most important to you. It secondly allows customized vibration patterns for each type of alert, letting you know if you've just received, for example, an email, text message or news alert without even looking at your watch, let alone your phone. Finally, you can recall the most recent message with just a tap of the watch face, or scroll through multiple past notifications for a quick review.

The Martian Notifier line features an integrated OLED readout that delivers real-time alerts and notifications from the convenience of your wrist including Caller ID, Calendar, Weather, texts, email (POP or IMAP), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, favorite games, bank alerts, fitness stats, news headlines, and all other alerts your smartphone allows.

In addition, Martian Notifier offers several convenience-oriented features: a touch of a Notifier button activates your smartphone's speakerphone, enabling hundreds of voice commands to control music, check a sports score, get directions, search the web, create a reminder or appointment, and more. You can also decline an incoming call, set silent vibrating alarms that only you will sense, get a once-an-hour tickler to remind you to take a break, turn on an LED light to see in a dark room, control your phone's camera shutter, and more.

"The outpouring of support that the Martian Notifier has received for design, function and price from press, fans and customers has been amazing and has continued over into this exciting announcement today," said Stan Kinsey, President of Martian Watches. "Since our launch, we've learned that people want their wearable technology, but they also want it to look stylish. We are thrilled to make that a reality."

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Martian Notifier smartwatch going on sale June 1


Really cool looking watches and nice pricing.

Just might be a little overshadowed by the moto 360 when realeased.

Hope Martian do well though.

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I haven't been able to tell if the notification screen will scroll through the notification or just show you the first few words?

I'm looking forward to this watch. I think it looks good and at a good price.

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I think Martian has the potential to do well. $129 is a relatively low cost of entry, and they deliver on notifications on an actual watch. Many people will be reluctant to wear a screen-only device on their wrist, even one as pretty as the Moto 360. And it looks decent, which is pretty important; I owned an original Pebble for all of 4 hours before returning it. I felt ridiculous with it on my arm.

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This looks more and more like the old Sony Ericsson MBW-150 and its features all the time, which is a good thing. I still use mine for the vibrations even though everyone's displays went dark a year or more ago.

Had my eye on the Martian watches just because they look.....well watch-like.

As a geekette, i love my Pebble but do think it looks a bit clunky in a formal work environment - even on my less than svelte wrist and so hope the Notifier can at least be the answer during work times for my notifications and I can save my Pebble for weekend geekiness.

According to the recent Mobile Nations polls you are one of the few, and proud, geekettes. You are welcome, Miss/Mrs./Ms.!