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MECH5 brings vehicle diagnostics to the cloud

By Adam Zeis on 27 May 2014 02:19 pm

Connecting the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port on your car to your smartphone or tablet is nothing new, we've seen it time and time again with accessories like Automatic. By plugging a simple dongle into your car's port, you can view diagnostics for health as well as other stats like gas mileage and even recent trips. This is just one of many OBD accessories though, the newest of which is dubbed MECH5.

MECH5 has just launched on Kickstarter and aims to be the most powerful diagnostic tool there is, and also help you dive deeper into your vehicle's diagnostics. MECH5 not only lets you view you car's health and diagnostic information, but it does so in the cloud, so you can view it anytime or anywhere.

MECH5 allows you to connect with nearly any of the electronics in your vehicle — from the windows to airbags to traction control. It gives your more control over your vehicles' systems letting you view more than standard OBD readers — and you can do so from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Here's what MECH5 has to offer:

  • MECH5 opens up full "Bumper 2 Bumper" diagnostics, giving you the ability to communicate fully with all the internal systems of your vehicle. The vast majority of existing Apps and devices only allow access to standardised generic engine data.
  • As MECH5 is web based (HTML) you can use it on any type of device as long as you have an Internet connection, including Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops with either Windows, iOS or Android.
  • MECH5 can use existing hardware that you may already own, like ELM327 OBD dongles or J2534 Pass Thru devices, to connect to your vehicle. No need for more hardware purchases!

You can check out more at their Kickstarter page where you can get in on the action with a SCAN5 ODB device for as little as $75.

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MECH5 brings vehicle diagnostics to the cloud



You don't need a monthly contract. You can pay only when you need to perform a special procedure, and we're now going to include free DTC reading for our KS backers (£1 level is not entitled to this)

You can continue reading faults without having to pay more. When you need to do other things, such as reset the oil service light, you just pay that time and are entitled to a whole month of use (30 days from the day you pay)

I'll be more interested when they prove their Audi/VW support. I have Torque Pro now and the logging is weak.