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MetaWatch launches new line of premium watches

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2014 12:15 am

Former Vertu designer Frank Nuovo has designed a premium line of smartwatches for MetaWatch. The new devices break apart from MetaWatch's Strata and Frame lines and offer higher-end materials for a more discerning eye. The Meta line features premium metals and leather wristbands giving them a pricier, high-end look. The stainless steel Frame model is the current top offering from MetaWatch.

MetaWatch hasn't announced pricing just yet but says the Meta line will be available at Best Buy and other retailers. Currently the Frame and Strata sell for $179 and $129 respectively so we'd expect the Meta to be more in the $250 range. 

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Reader comments

MetaWatch launches new line of premium watches


Man the prices can't come down soon enough. I I want one but I I don't have the cake to put down on one. Lol

when do you cover the "smart" component of these watches? what does this watch do? why in you comment do you say that you are not a huge fan of the software, whats wrong with it?

I don't like it because it doesn't give full notifications that you can read in the device, among other things. Also the mirrored displayed on the MetaWatch is painfully hard to read at times.