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MetaWatch Manager gets another update, adds pro baseball widget

By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2014 02:52 pm

Just a few days back we saw the MetaWatch Manager app get a small update with some new widget action, and again today there's even more fun to be had. This time around we see the addition of a Pro Baseball widget for keeping up with MLB action this season, as well as new filters for notifications.

We're loving all the updates for the MetaWatch lately — it's not our favorite device but the updates are definitely helping out quite a bit.

The update is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Reader comments

MetaWatch Manager gets another update, adds pro baseball widget


Nice to see they haven't given up support to the device even though they are down in numbers. The Frame is an attractive device with a lot of potential but I shied away because of the relative lack of process they've made since the device came to market, which was quite a while before the Pebble became widely available. I'll continue rooting for meta watch because we need more platform agnostic devices, but for now I'm glad I went with Pebble.

At last I can disable some notifications. My podcast player keeps buzzing when it's downloading and that drains my battery when I'm downloading 5 podcast in a row.

I love my metawatch it could use more watchface but 5atm waterproof and 6 days of battery make my day. Als it's very readable outside and feels less plastic then a Pebble.

In the 3 months that I own a metawatch there where 3 updates of the software and 3 firmware updates. So there is progress. Now I would like to see more and custom watchfaces and less America focused sports although they have cricket already.

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