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MetaWear offers world's first wearable development board

By Derek Kessler on 1 Apr 2014 12:58 pm

Making technology small is no easy task, but the newly-announced MetaWear Kickstarter project is aiming to make it easier and more affordable than ever. You might have heard of the likes of Arduino or Raspberry Pi; consider MetaWear to be the wearable Bluetooth LE-equipped cousin of those popular miniature development boards.

And by miniature, we mean tiny. Quarter-sized. In that tiny space is an ARM chip, a Bluetooth 4.0 LE radio, accelerometer, temperature sensor, a physical button, and a tiny 256KB of storage with 8KB of RAM. It's not meant to be a mobile computer — the inclusion of a vibrator motor and and buzzer speaker show that it's meant for more simple things. Like notifying you of custom events or tracking motion over time.

So what's the point of something like MetaWear? It's to make wearable technology more accessible in the same way that Arduino and Raspberry Pi have made custom computing more accessible. You'll still need some programming knowledge, but everything that you'll need to get started is available in open source on Github.

We know that the crowd that lands here is a little geekier than the average person. Does tinkering around with something like a MetaWear board and building your own custom wearable device appeal to you?

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MetaWear offers world's first wearable development board


It's a shame that the name may create confusion that this is related to the Metawatch, which I thnk it isn't.