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Mi Band is a new fitness wearable by Xiaomi with a tiny price tag

Xiaomi Mi Band
By Rich Edmonds on 22 Jul 2014 05:53 am

Xiaomi is famous for making affordable smartphones, but the company has now announced its very first wearable device, the Mi Band. What's special about this device is the price tag. How does $13 sound? The Mi Band packs in numerous sensors for tracking health metrics, as well as functionality for alarms to be set, which is all the norm for these types of products, but that ridiculously low price tag is something that will surely attract consumers.

CEO Lei Jun took to the stage to unveil the new Xiaomi fitness band, noting how he tested some competing hardware in the past but none stuck with him. Ignoring the price for a second, you need some hard features to get you interested, correct? The Mi Band has a battery life of up to 30 days. That's right, you can use the device for almost 30 days on a single charge – we'll have to get one ourselves and test this out, but that's a killer feature for many. There's also IP67 standard waterproofing.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Those who own a Xiaomi smartphone will be able to connect the two together and even unlock the mobile device with the fitness band, something that will please those who grow tired of continuously entering in their password. Aside from the waterproofing and huge battery life, Jun failed to go into detail about the fitness side of the band. It's clear the company has some bold plans for the band, however, especially with Jun revealing how the company plans to make the Mi Band into a personal ID (to unlock doors, phones, etc).

Unfortunately, there's no word on when – and more importantly where – the band will be released.

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Mi Band is a new fitness wearable by Xiaomi with a tiny price tag


I hope you can use this eventually with other Android Smartphones at least because I'm not going to get a particular Smartphone just because of a wearable. I might get it anyway though if it can track well. Depends on functionality.

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I only have three questions:

When will it be released?
Will the Mi Band app be available to non-Xiaomi phones (and if not, can the sensors be accessed by other fitness apps and the upcoming Android L)?
And how hard will it be to import one of the leather ones for my mother?