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Michael Bastian and HP introduce the Chronowing smartwatch

Michael Bastian and HP introduce the Chronowing smartwatch
By Joseph Keller on 31 Oct 2014 03:15 pm

Michael Bastian has unveiled the Chronowing, a smartwatch designed in conjunction with HP. First announced back in August, the Chronowing features two displays. The first, larger display shows weather, messages, and other information, while the second, smaller display within the watch face shows only the time.

The Chronowing is designed like a traditional watch. The face is completely round, and the case is made of metal. It connects to both iPhone and Android devices. The watch is navigated with three physical buttons on the side, much like a Pebble. Alerts are accompanied by a gentle vibration.

The Chronowing comes in two editions. The first is features three included bands in leather, rubber, and nylon, and starts at $349. The second, limited-edition watch comes in black, has a sapphire-glass crystal, and an alligator strap. It will retail for $649. Both models will be available exclusively at online retailer Gilt beginning November 7.

Will you be picking up a Chronowing? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Reader comments

Michael Bastian and HP introduce the Chronowing smartwatch


I like this departure from rectangle blobs (like mini smartphones) to more traditional watch designs, marrying the best aspects of technology and classic watch designs.

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I'd be interested but no Windows Phone support kills it for me. Hoping Microsoft will make a watch similar to their new band! If not, the Fitbit Surge may have to do.

If I were to get a smartwatch, I'd want one that looks like a watch. The Band and the FItbit Surge look too sporty to me. I'd want something that could be worn in an office setting, not a gym.

I work at an enterprise-size, company where suits are required from management up to the CEO. No shortage of fitness band devices on wrists at all levels of the ladder, including the CEO. Fitness bands might have been on the unwritten dress code list of no-nos, but they are quite acceptable these days.

Would definitely buy, almost exactly what I want in a smart watch! No WP support...................

Looks nice, but I'm hooked on Android Wear. Lovin my Moto 360.

Posted via a beautiful ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10 via the Connectedly app

Saw these on Fox Business Channel the other day.. Look nice but pricey...

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