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Micro becomes highest funded 3D printer in the history of Kickstarter!

Micro becomes highest funded 3d printer in the history of Kickstarter!
By Simon Sage on 7 May 2014 01:30 pm

Micro has just wrapped up a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for an accessible 3D printer. The M3D managed to raise a whopping $3.2 million by offering the device to early bird backers at the $199 tier and thousands more at the $299 tier. 11,855 3D printing enthusiasts backed this project all told.

Making an affordable and noobie-friendly 3D printer clearly has some appeal. Many higher-end printers cost $1,000 and up, but there's a new breed of affordable printers that include the PeachyPrinter and the MakiBot. Micro has managed to blow all of those out of the water as far as crowdfunding success goes, but we'll have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype. Any of you guys interested in taking up 3D printing? How cheap would it have to be for you to get started?

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Micro becomes highest funded 3D printer in the history of Kickstarter!


Very cool! i love to see more and more 3d printers becoming available and accessible so it can become popular and really grow and it is a good price point.

Very sweet. Wish I'd known before it ended, I would have invested in one as well. I've a few idea's rolling around in this noggin..

I'm kicking myself for not jumping on board with this one. Of course in a couple years everyone will have a 3D printer. I've read they are actually 3D printing entire building now. Slightly larger printers though.

The 300quid for a 3D printer isn't bad at all, but what does it use to print? How much would that cost? Exactly what would you be able to get out of that? These days to put new ink cartridges in a printer can work out more expensive than purchasing a new printer.
Hypothetically if it's going to cost 250quid for a cartridge of whatever it uses, and you only get a cup out of it then it's seriously not worth it. All these questions would need to be answered before I committed 300quid on what would be an awesome thing to have and use/utilize.
Saying all that the technological advancement of such a thing to bring it to the home user is very impressive.

Personally I'd say the £200 mark, but I totally agree about the printing medium. There's no point if it's ridiculously expensive, I remember a few years ago it was cheaper to get things fabricated than printed, though I'm sure that's no longer the case.

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I spotted this item about 1/2 way through the kickstarter campaign. Too late for the early bird price point, or else I probably would have jumped in on one.

@Sonicaholic presents some good points on consumables though. It would suck to get trapped in that cycle.

I was on the fence about this one. Not really this one in particular but getting 3D printers in general. At least this early in their development. Soon I would really love to have one that can print sturdy and colorful objects from my apartment.

I don't think it'll come to be cheap enough for an average user anytime soon. But i'd love to see these things in the local stationary shop. That way average consumers won't have to buy it, but can still get access to them for a cheap service rate.

I like rizzo183's idea to have them (even the more expensive ones) available in a store. It's doubtful there would be enough times I would want to use one to justify buying - not to mention finding a place for it. But it's easy to imagine some artsy-fartsy stuff I'd love to try. However, for families with kids if the price was about that of a gaming console I think it would be great.