We mentioned the Microbot Push last week. It's a neat little button that can be used to push buttons or switches from the comfort of your phone. Now the Indiegogo campaign seeking project funding has been launched, and we finally know the price of the device.

Early-bird spots are available that promise to get you a single Microbot Push for $39. There have been 300 spots designated at that price point. If you're looking to use your Microbot Push remotely, you will need a the Prota Box as well. For a pledge of $159 you would get 1 Microbot as well as the Prota Box. We are already seeing interest in the product, with 31% funding in the first few hours. The company hopes to have the product out to supporters by April 2016.

9 November 2015 – Naran, a South Korean hardware startup, introduces a radically new vision of connected life and home automation, a brilliant mixture of simplicity and complexity called "Microbot Push": "Push" is a smart physical robotic finger that transforms analog buttons into internet-connected tools for your smart home, bridging the real and digital world and connecting any physical devices. Naran's founder Taehyun Park says "The Internet of Things starts with things, all things, so let all things be connected!"

Until now, the only way to bring analog devices to the Internet realm are so-called "wall wart" switches that simply control the electrical circuits that power your home appliances. This solution is severely incomplete and far too cumbersome for most users. Naran's "Push" transforms our everyday appliances into smart connected things in a much easier way. With "Push" you control all of your devices' switches simply with your smartphone and define the conditions and scenarios for smart home automation:

Imagine you sMicrobot Twoit within a circle of your best friends at your own dinner party, start your oven from your smartphone with a nonchalant gesture and enjoy the starter at the right temperature at exactly the right time. Or what if the postman passes with an important delivery that you had completely forgotten while being nestlest on a deckchair on the beach; nothing easier than to get alerted on your mobile and trigger the opening of the gate 500 km away. Or Imagine you are on the subway on your way home and you can trigger your heating system depending on the weather outside. Or how about setting the recording time for your favourite football match remotely when you are running late from work. The applications are sheer endless, some playful, some essentia.

"Push" has been successfully tested on all types of buttons that can be found in our homes. "Push" is rather universal: its height is adjustable and there is a touch sensor on its top, so users can still press any button manually. How does it work?

Pushing remotely Users attach the "Microbot Push" on a device's surface using an included adhesive tape that needs to stay above the button. After pairing it with the "Prota Box", the WiFi-equipped companion hub, they can trigger a single "Microbot Push" remotely with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or any WIFI-connected device (tablet, smartphone, and computer).

Pushing manually Every "Microbot Push" also has a capacitive touch button, so users can manually push them if they are within reach. Moreover, with "Prota Box" this capacitive sensor equally works as a sensor that lets users turn "Microbot Push" into a macro button, similar to flic.

Automation & Prota Box To maximize the utility of these robotic helpers, Naran is offering "Prota Box" — the companion hub. "Prota Box" has an embedded automation platform called "Stories" where users can give instructions to their "Microbot Push" based on sensor data, e.g. "if my alarm goes off, "Push" starts the coffee machine", or "if I get home, "Push" turns on the lights".

Microbot ThreeMicrobot Four Pre-heat your oven, light up your home, makes yourself a cup of coffee, without being there! Indiegogo campaign details

The Indiegogo campaign starts today, November 9th, 2015, at 10 AM PST. It will be live for 31 days until December 9th, 2015. The funding goal is $50,000 and money raised will be used to pay for tooling and initial production costs. Naran already partnered with INTOPS — one of the leading hardware manufacturers in South Korea, the same company Samsung relies on when making their Galaxy series. In the past, INTOPS partnered with several startups that went through crowdfunding campaigns to bring their products to market. Pricing of a single "Push" starts at $39, while the starter kit (3 Microbots + 1 Prota Box) starts at $209.

Pledge to get your Microbot Push + Prota Box