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Microsoft partners with British designer to create wireless charging pants

Wireless Charging Trousers
By Rich Edmonds on 19 Jun 2014 08:27 am

Wireless charging for your smartphone is a more convenient way to add juice to the battery, but how awesome would it be for this to occur while the phone is in a pocket? Microsoft Mobile has teamed up with British designer A. Sauvage to come up with luxury pants (or trousers for us here in the UK) that also charge a compatible smartphone. The product is no mere concept – however – and will be available for pre-order on Amazon soon.

The pair of pants will go well with the Nokia Lumia 930, expected to launch in the UK later this year. How do the trousers work? Well, it's all black magic, ah who are we kidding? There appears to be a charging backplate that's situated just behind the special pouch in the main pocket, which itself needs to be topped up with juice before powering the phone. Essentially, think of the pocket containing a mobile charging plate.

Wireless Charging Trousers

It doesn't appear to be required to use the wireless charging plate, which makes it possible to simply wear the pants as you would normally and have the phone in the main pocket. It's an optional feature. Would you be willing to pick up a pair or two and add some style to your mobile wireless charging? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nokia

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Microsoft partners with British designer to create wireless charging pants


So we need to charge the pants to charge the phone? What if they used a kinetic charger to keep the pants battery topped up?

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So, if I had a solar panel in my hat to keep the plate charged it might be worth it. Or as mallow1998 suggested, a kinetic charger. Maybe corduroy for kinetic charging?

I got all excited about this until I read that the charger itself needs to be charged. Seems a little pointless if you have to remember to charge your charger, no? LIke what @mallow1998 and @dmedesha said, if it was attached to solar (impractical with today's technology) or kinetic/piezoelectric it might work, but it probably still not be enough to charge a phone... Especially the power hungry phones that are out now!

I'm fairly certain that the charging plate gets removed from the pants to be recharged. It would HAVE to, or the pants could never be washed. I wonder if they will offer plates for both charging standards.

This could easily be replicated in any pants that you like by sewing a pocket inside your pocket for the wireless charger. The sewing job doesn't even need to be pretty since it's all out of view. :)