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Microsoft smartwatch may launch within weeks

Microsoft smartwatch said to launch within weeks
By Chuong H Nguyen on 19 Oct 2014 04:27 pm

A new report suggests that Microsoft is gearing up to launch a smartwatch or fitness-oriented wearable device in the coming weeks. The wearable will come with a heart rate sensor and is described to work across multiple platforms, meaning that it won't be tied to Windows or Windows Phone if true. The good news is that unlike other smartwatches today, the Microsoft-made smartwatch is described to get two days of battery life.

The latest news of a Microsoft wearable comes by way of Forbes, which is citing "sources close to the project." At this point, Microsoft has not announced nor commented on rumors, and the Forbes report is in alignment with earlier rumors we've heard, suggesting an October arrival date.

If Microsoft is able to launch its wearable and deliver it by the holiday season, it would beat Apple's Apple Watch, which won't arrive on consumers' wrists until early 2015.

Source: Forbes

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Microsoft smartwatch may launch within weeks


I would be interested in this, depending on the look.

Android Wear gets crap batter life, but Samsung's Gear watches get 2 days pretty easy. And of course the Pebble lasts almost a week

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I've been wondering when this would pop up again. This is the season of the heart rate monitors with fitbit, basis, iwatch, and now microsoft all offering it. I think price, aesthetics and accuracy will decide the winner.

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but with a launch/announcement of a new device coming within the next few weeks or "soon" as some news sources put it, wouldn't there be an invite for an event out by now? Is there an event scheduled which would serve as a platform for that kind of announcement within the next few weeks? I haven't found anything anywhere. Does anyone know?