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Microsoft teases smartwatch tech in latest patent finding

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By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2014 09:39 am

Rumors have been floating around for a while now about a smartwatch offering from Microsoft, and while we've yet to see anything solid, some new patent applications have turned up that show off what looks to be a new smartwatch. According to the documents, the device itself looks to be sporting an assortment of fitness-tracking features and also a removable body. Much like the long-awaited Kreyos Meteor the watch body seen here could be removed from the band and used in other accessories like a belt clip or lanyard.

Tapping the different icons on the device would in turn display relevant information — running icon for run length, heart icon for heart-rate/pulse or the fire icon to show calories burned. Other apps like messaging, music, alarms and phone would also be expected.

Microsoft Smartwatch

Included in the patent is also a dock for the smartwatch, most likely used for charging and/or synching the device. We've seen a variety of specific charging docks for watches like the Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm Toq before, a dock like this is standard fare at this point.

Of course a patent is just a patent, but it could mean that we're one step closer to seeing an official smartwatch or fitness band offering from Microsoft sometime in the near future.

Source: Patent Bolt

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Microsoft teases smartwatch tech in latest patent finding


The number one thing I want from a smartwatch: make it look like a watch. Too many of these are going for a sci-fi look (or just too big) to go along with the new technology, but I just want something that looks like a normal watch until I press a button or something. Like everything connected, make it a seamless part of my normal day, not an exception.

This is also important for me, I want it to have useful functions and features but I don't want it to look like a gadget on my wrist rather than a watch. It needs to be an attractive design, feel and look like a watch yet do more.

I agree. I'd be interested if the Microsoft smartwatch looks like the stock photograph used at the top of this blog post. However, if it looks like what is shown in the drawing, that is too toy-like for my tastes. I want something that looks professional that I could wear to the office, not just to the gym.

I have to say, I don't like it when these smartwatches have their orientation like shown in the picture. Hopefully it's only like that when it's connected to the dock, in which case that's pretty neat. But when it's on my wrist I would like it like a normal watch.

I could get behind a Microsoft watch. Especially if it had nice features that work with the surface. It would be nice if they price it like the surface with one being high end and one mid range.

They should focus on getting people to use their phones, first... I hope they don't tie this up to their phones like Samsung does, or this will be DOA...

If only they would make it work across platforms... who know - maybe they will. They seem to want to roll out Office and Xbox everywhere.

My husband I tried to find a smartwatch that could track my heart rate (to track my anxiety attacks) and track how far I walked but more importantly how far I swam (my main physio is swimming which I do multiple times a day). We've yet to find a watch that could do all that and be waterproof... so Microsoft please add that feature to your product!

I'd love to see Microsoft put some effort into this. Without them taking the lead, there is not going to be many options available to Windows Phone users.

I just want a smartwatch which is fully compatible with Windows Phone I'm using.
It is the real pain when the compatible list of almost all wearable devices have no Windows Phone in it.

With glanceable live tiles in the Windows 8 UI, it shall complement the interface of a smartwatch, showing active updates from connected phones.

Windows live-tiles are the perfect potential interface for a smart watch...sadly I'm just not sure I trust that a windows device would be connected enough with as many vital services and apps as a device on a more popular ecosystem. We'll see, and hey I'm always excited about new technology if they're going to do a good job.

I used to have an old MSN watch. While it was limited in what it could do it did it well. I hope that what ever they do it goes toward the forward thinking that the MSN watch had.

i would really like to see microsoft go forward with this. but yes one primary concern is the size of these smartwatches. many of them with a screen size of more than 1.5 inches, big bezels and thick body make it uncomfortable to wear it for long. also, it would be better if they looked a bit more like watches. one design they could adopt is that of those promotional watches by puma in gift hampers and such - large screen with small bezels and a single button which turns the display on. now, the button could be removed and an amoled screen used with 'water resistant' capabilities in the least.

That dock is pretty nifty. For a device this like a stand for charging should be included out of the box, without the need to purchase something else.

It's unsurprising Microsoft would patent something like this. Everyone is getting in on it!

Awesome. I wonder how long it will take before we have to install Norton Antivirus and/or get blue screens of death. ....
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