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Microsoft's smartwatch rumored to be compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

By Adam Zeis on 29 May 2014 03:42 pm

While Microsoft has yet to make anything official on the wearables front, we've seen plenty about their rumored smartwatch lately. From what we've seen so far, their offering will be a slim design that offers a slew of fitness features and also has a removable watch body that fits snuggly into a companion charging/sync dock.

According to Forbes, Microsoft's watch may also be cross-platform by supporting Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices — something that not many current smartwatches can claim. The report also says that the smartwatch will continuously monitor your heart-rate and will run for two days on a single charge.

The race is on in the "big name" smartwatch game. Android Wear is coming in a few months and Apple is expected to announce their own smartwatch in the fall, so Microsoft will have to get moving if they want to be a part of the action later this year.

Does a Microsoft smartwatch appeal to you? What features would you be looking for?

Source: Forbes; Via neowin

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Microsoft's smartwatch rumored to be compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


I'd love a Microsoft smartwatch. Heck I'd love an Android Wear watch compatible with WP. I think Android wear looks the best so far but compatibility with the Big 3 or 4 platforms would be very nice.

I'm glad. Try to set the example by playing nice and being open to all OS's! Just please please don't make it a hefty huge piece!
Here's hoping microsoft delivers well on this. I have hopes, but realistic. While heart rate is good, I'm thinking of also something along the lines of kinetic recharging as well to make the battery last longer.
Because they're talking about continually monitoring heart rate, I wonder if they can use that to personalize the watch itself - as in unlocking for only one (or maybe 2) specific types of hearts/biometric rhythms. That would be key for security as well.
I know microsoft is also working on that 3d/non-touch surfaces. If they're adding that to the watch I think there's be many uses for some good gestures and the like. There's only so much space, but if they can maximize all of that, it'd be very useful! And with Cortana too! :D

I hope they make a Microsoft smartwatch because I use Android and Windows Phone so the cross compatibility would be great.

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Yes! Definitely need this watch to come out this summer. Kreyos and HOT have all not shipped yet and am pretty ticked off !!!!! Also Pebble not supporting WP has left my Pebble sitting in the drawer in the dark. No Love for you Pebble!!!

I second pkcable's BlackBerry10 compatibility comment. Well, I much prefer a native app over an android one but I would use whatever works.

Microsoft has always been very generous this way. But imo, since google's always been a "jealous little kid", what MS could do is, include some exclusive features ONLY for WP users. That way, maybe they can reel in a little more of that market share (of smartphones). Cause smartwatches are the next big thing.

It'll be nice if MS jumps onto the smartwatch game sooner than later. Once people settle in, they usually don't like to switch.

I don't know about a Microsoft watch. I have a Pebble and I like it, but I would definitely be willing to upgrade to the Moto one. The Microsoft one, though? I don't know; Windows 8's start screen thing was the worst idea.

I'm very interested to see what they do to differentiate their offering in this space. MS has made some dramatic improvements on the productivity side to their latest version of Office, and it has made a significant difference in my day-to-day. I wonder whether they'll take the angle of a smartwatch as a productivity tool or as a consumer "fun" device... My guess is somewhere in the middle.

This would actually be a game-changer. I would love to see a smartwatch market with a lot of options that work on all platforms

I've been holding off on buying a smartwatch in the hopes that MS would come out with one. Let's hope they bring something to market that was worth the wait!

I'm just looking forward to BB10 OS support. Nothing more :)

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I like the idea of a Microsoft smartwatch. My main device is a Windows Phone and would love to have a companion of my phone on my wrist. I also think the design of Microsoft products are great; modern and stylish.

Need to be able to view emails, texts and respond to them via voice command, hopefully using Cortana. Answer calls, needs a mic and speaker. Play and manage music selections. Be able to add reminders and give it same commands to Cortana. And maybe display the time. Other alerts such as reminders, weather and any other alerts that hit your phone.