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Minuum Keyboard now free for Omate TrueSmart owners

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2014 09:27 am

The Minuum keyboard, which we first saw in action on the Galaxy Gear, is now available for the Omate TrueSmart. The Minuum keyboard is a nice alternative to larger Android keyboards and has been successful on Google Play for quite some time. The Android-powered TrueSmart is standalone device that works independently of your phone, so having the option to pound out some quick messages with the Minuum keyboard will be a welcome addition for many users.

Omate users are the first watch owners to have Minuum available, and it's also totally free through the OStore. Updates will follow as well with new languages and features as they become available.

Press release:

Minuum Keyboard Partners with Omate TrueSmart Watch

Smarter virtual keyboard available for free to Omate users

TORONTO, Canada (April 23, 2014) — The Minuum keyboard is now available on the Omate TrueSmart, the innovative standalone smartwatch that launched in December 2013 after raising over $1 million on Kickstarter. Capable of being both a smartphone companion and a standalone device, the TrueSmart is at the vanguard of smart, wearable lifestyle products. It partners with Minuum, the one­line virtual keyboard that also blew past its crowdfunding goal and that is uniquely designed for smart input on wearable technology. Minuum will allow Omate users to type quickly and easily on their smart watches, while still having access to most of their screen space.

"Minuum and Omate just make sense together," says Laurent Le Pen, CEO at Omate. "Minuum's compact design and intelligent algorithms make it a perfect keyboard for small screens. Typing with it is easy, fast, and exceptionally accurate. We're bringing the truly smart keyboard and the truly smart watch together."

Omate is the first smart watch to feature Minuum, which will be available for free to all current Omate users through the OStore. Omate users will receive automatic Minuum updates with new languages and features as they become available.

"We are very excited to partner with the Omate smartwatch," says Will Walmsley, founder and CEO of Minuum, "Omate is a leader in the field of standalone wearable technology, and Minuum will allow its users to take full advantage of features like messaging, immediately available on their wrist."

Reader comments

Minuum Keyboard now free for Omate TrueSmart owners


Good to have a standard means of getting Minuum on Omate through the built-in app store. Minuum is about the only way to do manual text entry and be able to see enough of what you are tryping. Of course voice recognition is still the ideal method on a watch.

Oh, I don't know... so, you had to put away your smartphone for some reason (maybe you're on a date, or in a business meeting, or something) so you wear your smart watch, which is a decent alternative for getting updated without your phone. And then - you take this tiny device and start typing on it... if people around you don't mind you typing stuff, why not just take out your phone - and at least write on a sensibly sized keyboard?