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Minuum's keyboard for Google Glass will have you rubbing your temple to type

By Derek Kessler on 13 May 2014 10:33 am

Google Glass text input has until now been restricted to voice commands, but Minuum's keyboard is aiming to change that. The implementation is quite similar to that of the existing Minuum keyboards: a single line of staggered letters along which you swipe and tap. Minuum's algorithms then determine what it is that you're trying to type.

It's an interesting concept to be sure, and we're glad to see Glass getting new types of text input. In addition to the swiping/tapping mode, Minuum has also crafted a motion-sensing mode for their Glass keyboard that lets the user move their head around and tap to select letters. It's sure to make you look moderately crazy when out and about.

The final part of the video shows off a few other concepts, including eye movement tracking, a secondary motion sensing ring, and virtual key overlays on other surfaces. These are less likely to happen, at least with the current version of Google Glass, but at least they're thinking about new and interesting ways to input text on wearables. Like swiping on the Galaxy Gear and Omate TrueSmart.

The Minuum keyboard app is available from Google Play for $3.99 — there is also a free 30-day trial available.

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Minuum's keyboard for Google Glass will have you rubbing your temple to type


Well when I read the headline I thought this was incredibly stupid and was going to look ridiculous. Then I watched the video and it still looked ridiculous but was actually pretty darn cool. If they do it right and there aren't that many issues with using it then it could be huge.

Shaking your head is awkward enough. Tapping your temple even more so. I don't think Google meant people to text by typing with glass. Its meant to be voice activated. Just look at the "game" they released today. Spell up is to meant to build their voice recognition algos. It was a smart move to put minuum on smartwatches. But this is kinda reaching.

I got this keyboard for my phone before they had the free trial version. It was on sale though. I don't use it because I like SwiftKey better. However, these new ideas could be really useful. I can't wait to try it once I can get Google Glass.