Connect with your pets when you're not at home!

Wonder what your pet's up to while you're gone? Find out with PetChatz, a video camera that lets you call and interact with your cat or dog!

Who's a good boy??

If you have a pet, chances are you wonder what the heck they get up to while you're at work. Now, you can watch it all unfold on camera! With PetzChatz, you can connect and interact your fur baby while you're away from home. Whether you're at a computer or on your tablet or smartphone, the two-way audio and video set-up allows you both to see and hear each other and a special ringtone trains your pet that it's you on the other end.

The chew-proof device connects through Wi-Fi, so you don't have to worry about hiding cords, or your pet chewing through them. You can even reward your furry friend with a nutritious, all-natural treat when you're about to sign-off.



PetzChatz allows you to call your cat or dog while you're away from home, so you never have to wonder if they're up to no good.

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So call me, maybe

If your pet gets anxious while you're away, PetzChatz allows you to release a safe, calming scent to help soothe him. You can also pre-program games with lights and noise to keep your pup entertained. Motion and sound detection alerts will help you keep tabs on rough play or scary thunderstorms.

And if you want to add on the PawCall accessory, you can train your four-legged buddy to call you when he wants to talk about scaring the mailman, chasing squirrels, or just how freakin' great life is.