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#MobileFit Month Kickoff Show!

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jun 2014 04:27 pm

We're back in action with a dual-purpose show this week. The Connectedly Show #2 is also doing double-feature duty as our #MobileFit month kickoff show — and that means there's plenty of mobile fitnessy goodness to be had.

I was joined by Kevin, Phil and Sam for this episode where we talked all about #MobileFit month, Fitbit and some of what you'll be seeing from the Mobile Nations sites in the coming weeks. There are plenty of great things in store including some great contests to keep up your motivation.

So grab a healthy snack, drink some water and lend us your ear as we talk #MobileFit. And don't forget to join our Fitbit group if you haven't already!






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#MobileFit Month Kickoff Show!


Gonna check it out now. Not really into the whole fit thing lol... Although I am grilling up some salmon for dinner.

Missed the first podcast, so figured I'd check this one out.

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About 3/4 of the way through the podcast.

I wish there was a way for us with NON FitBits to participate. I have a Gear that tracks my steps, and this podcast is actually going to get me more interested in using S-Health. I'm still recovering from knee surgery, so I obviously won't be anywhere near the top of a competition, I'd just be nice for those of us non-fitbit users to still be apart of the fun.

Regardless, glad I gave it a listen.

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We'll have plenty of other content as well, not to worry. The Fitbit group was an easy setup and since plenty of people already own one, we figured we'd go nuts with it.

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Good deal. Enjoyed the podcast. First Mobile Nations s podcast I listened to in its entirety. And as I mentioned, going to delve into using S-Health on my S5. By no means am I a healthy guy, but I suppose at least I'll be a little more informed about how unhealthy I am....

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I've had a FitBit flex since early this year. I am so jealous of Kevin having had a Sold night of sleep. I have NEVER had a solid night of sleep. I usually get about 4 hours of sleep out of being in bed for about 8 hours every night. At first I was shocked to see that I was getting very little restful sleep... but realized that I have always been a restless sleeper. On average my fitbit tracks me taking about 100 steps a night... from all my tossing and turning.

I spotted on the community that Kevin is actually right around where I am for steps taken. I have not signed up for other communities but find it interesting to see who is on the leader board and where they stand. It adds a sense of competition to pick out someone close by in the standings and try to best them.