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Mojio brings remote automotive diagnostics to Canadians

Mojio brings Canadians remote automotive diagnostics
By Joseph Keller on 23 Sep 2014 09:59 am

Canada's TELUS has teamed up with Mojio to create a new, cellular-powered connected car device. Much like the Automatic smart driving system, the Mojio plugs into a car's OBD II diagnostic port, found in most new cars since 1996. The Mojio device will cost $169 at launch, which includes the first year of cellular service.

The Mojio connects to the TELUS cellular network to provide up-to-date diagnostics at all times. The device will provide a number of data points at launch, including vehicle diagnostics, monitoring, trip tracking, and social features. Mojio is also an open platform that developers and partners can take advantage of to improve the driving experience over time.

Press release:

TELUS and Mojio to deliver "connected car" technology to Canadians

Powered by the TELUS network, Mojio's innovative solution will bring connected car technology to Canada years before it's prevalent in new cars

Vancouver, BC – As auto manufacturers race to embed connected car technology into new cars in the coming years, Canadians will have the opportunity to connect their cars to the Internet much sooner thanks to Mojio and TELUS. The two companies have entered into an agreement to launch the innovative Mojio connected car solution in Canada, which will be powered by TELUS' coast-to-coast wireless network, later this year.

The Mojio solution consists of a small cellular device that plugs into a car's onboard diagnostic port (OBD II) – present in most cars since 1996. Mojio devices will connect vehicles to the Internet through the TELUS network, enabling drivers to locate, monitor and diagnose their car from their smartphone.

Unlike other after-market connected-car devices, Mojio is an open platform that supports a growing ecosystem of drivers, partners and developers who are focused on continually improving the driver experience through connected car apps.

At launch, Mojio will offer the following key benefits to drivers:

Vehicle diagnostics – Mojio is a "virtual mechanic" that will read the hundreds of codes coming from the car and, beyond the vague check-engine light, inform the driver of the vehicle's status at all times. Mojio will notify drivers when something goes wrong and its level of urgency, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Automated trip tracking – Mojio will monitor distance traveled, fuel efficiency and cost per trip, allowing drivers to monitor and improve their driving to save time and money. When driving for business purposes, Mojio can automate mileage and expense tracking.

Vehicle monitoring – Mojio will show drivers their vehicle's activity and location at all times, in real-time. If the engine is turned on or the vehicle is moved (i.e. towed) when the driver isn't present, Mojio will send an instant notification.

Enhanced driving experience – Mojio anticipates drivers' needs and displays the right information at the right time, like traffic-based route suggestions, turn-by-turn directions, nearby parking and gas stations – so drivers can focus on driving.

Social features – Mojio will help drivers stay safely connected with friends, family and appointments by providing the option to share vehicle location and estimated arrival time with selected contacts, without having to text while driving.

An app store for cars – Mojio will continue to add connected-car apps and, with new apps and services continually being developed, drivers will be able to customize their relationship with their car, just like they have with their smartphones. Third-party apps currently in development include parking payments, automated trip expensing, simplified car rental, home automation and much more.

"TELUS is committed to offering innovative new products and we are excited to be the first Canadian carrier to extend our reach beyond the smartphone into automobiles," said Jim Senko, senior vice-president of Small Business and Emerging Markets at TELUS. "With Mojio and TELUS, Canadians can add their car to the growing list of connected devices that are working together to make their lives easier."

"Connected cars represent one of the most fundamental shifts in automotive technology in decades, and through this partnership, Canadians will have access to our leading technology years before it's the norm in new cars," said Jay Giraud, CEO of Mojio. "Mojio's innovative technology paired the reach of TELUS' coast-to-coast mobile network will enable drivers across Canada will be able turn nearly any old car into a smart car."

The "connected car" market opportunity

The "connected car" market opportunity

  • By 2022, there will be 1.8 billion automotive connections globally, which will consist of 700 million connected cars and 1.1 billion aftermarket devices.1
  • By 2022, the connected automotive market will be worth $422 billion globally, up from $22 billion today.1
  • In 2018 there will be 24 million cars on the road in Canada2, but only 1.3 million will be have built-in connectivity3, creating a market of over 22 million vehicles for aftermarket devices like Mojio.

"The connected car is an exciting example of the emergence of the 'Internet of Things,' and an area where we will see tremendous growth over the next two to three years," said Tony Olvet, Group Vice-President of Research, IDC Canada. "We'll expect to see a plethora of new products and services emerge around safety, navigation and content, as well as innovations in pay-as-you-drive insurance, intelligent fueling, route optimization, parking services, location-based offers and entertainment."

Mojio will be available for purchase in Q4, 2014, and will retail for $169. The price will include the first year of service, after which the cost is $6.99 per month. Pre-orders can be placed at

Developers can now start building apps for Mojio and can download the Software Development Kit at

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Mojio brings remote automotive diagnostics to Canadians