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Moment Smartwatch with full wrap-around display announced

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By John Callaham on 13 Jun 2014 11:54 am

A Ohio-based company called Momentum Labs has revealed its first product, the Moment Smartwatch, claiming that the device will have a 360 degree display that wraps around the case.

The company claims the device will have a 1.73 inch display, including a QWERTY keyboard and number row. The resolution of the display is 320x240 with 16 shades of grey. Inside will be a Texas Instruments Tiva C Series processor, based on the Cortex M4 design from ARM. It also has a nine-axis digital motion sensor, support for both Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart, and a micro USB connection that can be used with an optional USB charging cradle.

The design of the Moment Smartwatch is meant to be highly stylized, so that it looks good on the wrist rather than a smaller version of a smartphone. The company claims that the device is made out of a solid piece of stainless steel that is machined down to form the watch case. They also claim its battery life should last up to 30 days on a single charge with normal use.

This smartwatch is even supposed to support hardware expansion through the use of what's being called Moment Snapware. Momentum Labs claims this will allow for expansion modules to be easily added to the device for extra features such as GPS, biometric features and more.

The company has not announced a projected price point for the Moment Smartwatch, nor which smartphone platforms it plans to support with apps. Today's announcement comes ahead of a planned fund raising campaign on Kickstarter that's slated to begin June 24 but there's no word yet on how much money Momentum Labs is looking to raise from the public.

Source: Momentum Labs

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Moment Smartwatch with full wrap-around display announced


360 doesn't sound like the best idea in the world, it is one thing to try to protect watch face by watching what the top of your wrist bangs against, having this thing on your wrist would seriously cause an issue about resting your wrists on something such as when typing at a desk, not to mention opening up the device to a lot more chances of getting damaged.

Other then the risk of getting this device damaged, this sounds like the perfect device. 30 days battery life! That would be awesome. But in the end, it comes down to durability!

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With the recent e-ink and amoled flexible screens being shown I think we will see A LOT more wrap around devices soon however, I've watched too many tech kickstarters crash and burn to be interested in backing this. Good luck tho.

The first modern design smartwatch that actually looks good. (in comparison to watches with a small screen and normal wrist bands) and it has a qwerty keyboard? Very interesting.

Wow wat an awesome peace of technology. Oh how I'd love 2 own 1 of these.when will we know the price of it?plz can u inform me when price/& ready 2 avablile 4 purches many thanks.

Would love 2 own 1 personly I'd have 1 rite now if I could afford it .I think it looks smart&ppl wouldn't know u were wherein a peice of technology on ur wrist