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Moment Smartwatch exceeds $100,000 Kickstarter goal

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By John Callaham on 27 Jun 2014 02:09 pm

Momentum Labs has reached and exceeded its $100,000 fund raising goal on Kickstarter for its first product, the Moment Smartwatch, which will have a 360 degree display that wraps around the case.

The Kickstarter campaign began earlier this week and, as of this writing, it has raised $132,897 with 26 days to go. So far, Momentum Labs has yet to offer any news updates on their Kickstarter campaign.

The company claims the Momentum Smartwatch will have a 1.73 inch display, including a QWERTY keyboard and number row. The resolution of the display is 320x240 with 16 shades of grey. Inside. there will be a Texas Instruments Tiva C Series processor, based on the Cortex M4 design from ARM. The smartwatch is supposed to work with Android and iOS devices.

The Kickstarter page shows that the first three reward levels where people could actually get a Momentum Smartwatch as part of their pledge have all been spoken for. The fourth level is still available, where users can pledge $188 or more to get one of the first units. Shipments are expected to begin in January.

Do you plan to jump in and support Momentum Labs with this rather unique smartwatch design via Kickstarter.

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Moment Smartwatch exceeds $100,000 Kickstarter goal


Looked interesting, no WP support and the retail price being so close to the kickstarter price makes me think I can wait until it comes to market and see if they add support versus gambling with that much money on the chance they might (or that they will even make it to production since I've seen those horror stories).