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A Month of Pi Contest - Week 2!

By Lloyd Summers on 24 Jun 2014 09:00 pm

Welcome to week two of our A Month of Pi Contest, where we will be giving away more great prizes to our readers. We had many great ideas submitted in the comments, keep them coming! We're carrying on now with week 2 of our contest - and that means you still have three chances to win a shiny new Raspberry Pi from the good folks at Newark Canada!

Week One Winner

Last weeks winner is: itr themes who posted "The short answer is I would use it to bond with my 14 year old...". Congratulations! You will receive an email in the next week or so to arrange for shipping of your new Raspberry Pi!

What is it?

With our ongoing Raspberry Pi and Arduino articles, we know some of you need some gear to follow along! As a result we've grabbed a bunch of Raspberry Pi's (Model B, 512MB) from Newark Canada for some great giveaways! What better to get into the Internet of Things than with a credit card sized mini computer?

These Raspberry Pi's even come with 8GB SD cards pre-loaded with NOOBS, so they are ready to go for your next great project!

What are the Specifications?

  • Core Architecture: ARM
  • Core Sub-Architecture: ARM11
  • Features: 512MB RAM, ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz MPU, VideoCore IV GPU, 2 USB + Ethernet + HDMI ports, mounting holes
  • Kit Contents: RPI MOD-B Brd, Assembled Board Only
  • No. of Bits: 32bit
  • SVHC: To Be Advised
  • Silicon Core Number: BCM2835
  • Silicon Family Name: BCM2xxx
  • Silicon Manufacturer: Broadcom

How do I Win?

Once a week for a month (thats 4 times!) we will be giving away a free Raspberry Pi to a lucky reader (take that mom!).

To win, simply leave a comment on the original contest post. That's right, not here, in the original post! Next week we'll pick another winner — so good luck!

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A Month of Pi Contest - Week 2!