The travel mug, on an adventure!

Morning cup of coffee not quite doing it for you? Try drinking it out of a horn.

Got your goat?

Coffee does oh so much for us, why don't we show it some love in return? Stand out in a world of insulated aluminum travel mugs and white paper cups by sipping your coffee like you're a Viking! Try the Goat Story mug. They're leakproof, easy to clean and carry, and dishwasher safe. Also, they make you look like a total boss.

Goat Story


Make your morning coffee even MORE amazing by sipping it out of a Goat Story mug!

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Have mug, will travel

Looking at a horn, you wouldn't think it'd make any easy vessel to place down on a cafe table in between sips, but these Goat Story guys are pretty smart. The insulating sleeve actually slides off and serves as a base for the horn! Now, these mugs are not made from REAL horn, but they are made from leather and BPA-free materials. A handy strap makes it easy to hang the mug from your bag and the lid is designed to open using just one hand. The leather finishes on this mug look beautiful and it's available in four colours.