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MOTA SmartWatch G2 goes up for pre-order for $80, ties into Siri and Google Now

MOTA SmartWatch G2 goes up for pre-order for $80, ties into Siri and Google Now
By Rich Edmonds on 3 Jun 2014 10:02 am

The SmartWatch G2 from MOTA is now available for pre-order. The successor to the SmartWatch G1, this new product includes support for both Google Now and Siri from Apple, depending on which smartphone it's paired with. Available in black, white and red, the SmartWatch G2 is listed for $79.99 and shipping will commence starting June 20.

There's a slight issue, however as the device only supports Bluetooth 3.0. It's a strange move for the company to miss out on Bluetooth 4.0, especially since it's all but required for many wearable products of today for more efficient power management. That said, the SmartWatch G2 can also perform numerous tasks without the need to unlock the phone and dive into multiple apps to get the job done. The company states the SmartWatch G2 can last up to 72 hours in standby mode, but can only last through 3 hours of talk time before needing a recharge

The SmatWatch G2 features integrated 'premium' speakers, a microphone and even an OLED display. While it's an interesting product, the lack of Bluetooth 4.0 support and the lower battery life as a result might not cut it with many power users out there who spend much of their day glued to their smartphones and wearables.

Head on over to the MOTA website for more details and to place an order. Who's picking one up?

MOTA SmartWatch G2 Available for Pre-Order

Sleek, Stylish Hands-Free Searching, Calling for Android and iPhone Users

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - June 03, 2014) - MOTA today announced the MOTA SmartWatch G2, the higher-performance successor to the best-selling MOTA SmartWatch G1, is available for pre-order.

The all-new SmartWatch G2 introduces support for Google Now and Apple's Siri intelligent personal assistants. Once paired with an Android or iPhone, users can speak commands to the SmartWatch and hear the results without having to hold or wear their phone.

The SmartWatch G2 also sounds better than ever due to its Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology.

"The new SmartWatch provides a true hands-free experience, allowing users to perform tasks such as searching and look ups without the distraction of having to hold their phone," said Kevin Faro, MOTA's co-founder. "Its ultra-modern sculpted design looks beautiful anywhere, and at a cost of less than $80 its price is just as attractive."

Paired with a smartphone, the SmartWatch G2 can be used to quickly and easily send email, check a weather forecast, search the web and more. Lightweight and solidly built, it is engineered for superior performance with integrated premium speakers, a microphone and a vibrant OLED screen.

The SmartWatch G2 vibrates to alert the wearer of an incoming call and displays the caller's ID. The SmartWatch G2's built-in Anti-Loss feature notifies the wearer when their phone is approximately 20 feet away.

The SmartWatch G2 offers up to 180 minutes of talk time and up to 72 hours in standby mode.

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MOTA SmartWatch G2 goes up for pre-order for $80, ties into Siri and Google Now


The low price is attractive, but lack of Bluetooth 4.0 is probably a deal breaker!  But DAMN that thing is sexy!

I did some checking and it looks like an interesting device (even for a BlackBery user). Wish the display was a little better than 1980s dot matrix mode.

This is cool and the price seems to be somewhat right with all the features.

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Oh common, these guys don't invent anything. Just like their G1 re-branded cheap bracelet, this G2 is just a re-branded version of $59 bracelet you can find on with a same spec...