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Moto 360 officially on sale NOW!

Moto 360
By Phil Nickinson on 5 Sep 2014 12:32 pm

You know, just in case you'd been living under a rock. (Also: Be sure to check out our Moto 360 redux.)

Buy now at:

As a reminder, the watch today is $249.99 and comes with a leather strap. You'll be able to get a stainless steel band later this year.

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Moto 360 officially on sale NOW!


Can't help but feel Motorola have missed a trick here. Not available internationally and already out of stock in the US, means for a the hype and good reviews, the bad press from the Yo campaign and the delays mean they've left the door open for Apple to tempt everyone next week. I was looking forward to ordering one yesterday, but sat in the UK I've not got that option now and a month is a long time in tech for the next big thing to show itself...

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You did not loose anything, I tried it and its....Just boring after 5 minutes.
iWatch is for not-so-smart apple users only (they would buy a wet cat if Apple says em its the iwatch).
I m waiting for LumiaWatch.

Just ordered a Moto360 today as soon as they became available.  Figured if I don't like it, I can sell it quickly for what I paid at the least.