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Motorola exec Mark Randall calls current crop of smartwatches 'pretty crappy'

Motorola exec Mark Randall calls all current smartwatches 'pretty crappy'
By Derek Kessler on 14 May 2014 12:08 pm

Motorola executive Mark Randall isn't just proud of the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch — he thinks that the current crop of wearables are "pretty crappy" in comparison. Motorola is understandably excited about the Moto 360, the Android Wear-powered wearable is a notable step up in software and hardware design for smartwatches, and one of very few that have dared to go round. Randall, the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations at Motorola, said that "We think people just don't want to wear a lot of the devices that are out there today."

Looking around, that's probably a fair statement. You don't see many people walking around with smart watches. Randall thinks that's because they suck:

"We look at the 360 and we look at what everyone has done in that space. To be honest we think they are all pretty crappy."

To be fair, it's his job as a Motorola executive to pimp the company's products and call out the competition as slackers, regardless of whether or not they are. There are plenty of worthy competitors for the Moto 360 and Android Wear, including the Samsung Gear 2 on the high end and the Pebble smartwatch on the cheaper side. Each brings a unique user experience, features, and industrial design to the party.

Do you think the Moto 360 makes all other wearables look crappy, or does Motorola need to ship before they can start calling out the competition like that?

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Motorola exec Mark Randall calls current crop of smartwatches 'pretty crappy'


Although clearly a self promoting comment, I do sort of agree with him. I've not seen any smartwatch yet that caused me to take my credit card out of my wallet. I'm not saying Moto 360 will either. I still have a lot of questions about it before I'd be willing to commit.

Yeah, after using them and taken an assessment, it's been a lot of wasted money... It's also made me more hesitant to get excited about the new watches and google's watch software. I always respond now with, "yep, I guess we'll see..."

as with anyone's tech, your mileage and use/needs will vary. I use my Pebble all the time, to screen text messages when I am with patients, check the weather, control Pandora, and hang up my phone when I don't want to get it out, or answer it when I can't get it out of my pocket soon enough to prevent losing the call otherwise.

Pretty strong words from a company yet to release their device.

That said, none of the current offerings have proven enticing enough for me to take the leap, so I guess I can agree with him to some extent. So far each one has had some limitation that has held me back, be it aesthetics, device exclusivity (Galaxy Gear), limited functions, etc. Nothing yet has convinced me that it will improve my life enough to justify the expense.

Hopefully having a Moto exec speak publicly means more details about their watch will be released in the near future.

I think there are a few exceptions like the Pebble which does what it does well but otherwise I agree, there just hasn't been anything that wowed me until I saw the Moto360 and the LG G Watch.

It's true they need to ship before they call out competitions, but the Moto360 IS actually better looking. And if i wanted to get a smartwatch that can give me all the funcions of a smartwatch AND i can wear it everywhere--- Moto360 it is!

I can see where he's coming from. Visually, it just seems so bulky and unecessary. Once these things slim down it'll help a lot more. The applications are useful yes, but not necessarily game changing. Yet.

I'm completely satisfied with my Pebble. It does exactly what I want it to do and is waterproof (ish). Call me crazy, but I don't need much more in a watch. :)
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This is going to turn into the smartphone wars all over again. Manufactures trying to one-up each other adding useless features that no one needs or will use...

And the worst part is that I'm the tech geek that will need to get them all just to have the latest thing.

The sad thing is that my "basic", and soon to be extremely outdated, Pebble pretty much gives me everything I'd ever need in a Smartwatch.

I had a sony smartwatch:
I could control my music
Get a map screen and navigation
Check to see if all or any notifications were worth getting my device out to respond
Check the weather for the next 3 days
make and receive calls with contact info and pic if theres is one
Respond to text messages
Check my calendar
Play simple puzzles
Remotely control my device be it turn on nfc turn of wifi adjust the volume
O and it told me the time too.
If the moto 360 LG G watch or any Android wear is eventually capable of doing the majority of this, then I can assure you once you've used one you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.
I know I do but I'm determined to hold out till there's an Android wear that grabs my fancy so far both Moto 360 and LG G watch looks very stylish on paper.
Lets see how they actually look face to face. (excuse the pun)

I love my pebble but would love more and Android Wear seems to do that. In my opinion with the Moto X, Moto has shown that they can deliver and the 360 seems like it will be the best.

If you can keep the cost down (~below $200) and have the battery last a week, I'll certainly consider another watch. I don't need a phone replacement or pay as much as a phone either. Happy with my Pebble for now, but can see others jump in their place if they do it right. Agreed the Moto 360 looks nice, but will I have to charge that bad boy every 6 hours with that large color screen?

The truth hurts. I hope Motorola can turn the trend around. I really want to replace my Pebble. I love it, but it is kind of crappy.

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I agree there's nothing really compelling out there yet. I had a Pebble Steel for about a week before i sold it.

Moto definitely needs to ship this this before they slam real devices that users can buy right now.

...but if they deliver on the the mockups, the 360 is nicer looking that any of the alternatives...

I love the look of the moto360, it's a damn good looking watch. Hell, it actually looks like a high-quality watch. I work in the corporate world and wear a suit and tie daily. I also wear a pebble everyday :-) and I'll admit that it looks a little out of place to some. The moto360 however can replicate the look of a men's dress watch while retaining the awesome Smartwatch functionality. However, ship before you speak.

My only concern is that the moto360 is going to be priced at something like $500+. I just don't see how they can make a production product that IS the same as all of the prototype photos we have all seen for less than that. Especially when you look at something like the pebble steel which cost $250 or the gear 2 which is pushing $300. Hell, the LG G Watch has been priced at $300, Idk how the moto360 could be priced at the same price point or lower.

So after that novel, I feel I'll more than likely end up with the LG G Watch... Not that I don't want the moto360, I just couldn't spend the same amount for the watch that the phone cost, when it doesn't replace the phone. Not that I want it to, but still, that's a lot of $$$.

He's not wrong, but when you call the competition "pretty crappy" you better bring the goods to the table (or wrist in this case). I'm intrigued by this watch, as I switched to Android from Apple with a Moto X, which I find to be a great phone. Hoping the watch is equally as great!

He's not totally wrong but the 360 better bring the goods after a statement like that!

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if the Moto 360 is just lines of text in a picture.... BORING. Pebble may be monocrome, but has some FUNness to it.

It is wise to take an honest assessment of the current landscape and share it with your internal team. On the other hand, it is unwise to make public comments of this sort. There is a big difference between making these comments explicitly and guiding the customer to draw the same conclusion for themselves.

As a Motoactv user from day 1, having bought numerous ones bc no device on the market comes close (I rebought my last one 2 months ago on Craigslist), I'd have to agree with Mr. Randall's statement. HOWEVER, this industry is riddled with vaporware, smoke and mirrors and broken promises. If Mr. Randall wants to have support, he needs to step up to the plate with a product. I am hoping Moto will infuse a product with forward thinking like they did years ago with the Motoactv. Ball's in your court Mr. Randall.

After the Pebble i'm really thinking of waiting for the 360 and try to get the 2015 release of the Moto X+1. Or go ahead with rhe Galaxy S5 and the Gear fit.