A Motorola smartwatch is coming later this year

By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2014 03:28 pm

Motorola is planning to put out a new smartwatch later this year, according to senior vice president Rick Osterloh. Motorola has dabbled in the space previously with fitness offerings like the  MotoACTV, but they haven't gone full-blown smartwatch yet. We're not sure what they have in store, but Osterloh says that a Motorola watch would focus on "consumer issues like style and battery life".

No word on when or where we'll see a smartwatch from Moto, but the battle could be heating up with devices from Google and Apple (among others) on the horizon for this year. There's plenty of potential for the big names to beat out Pebble and other smaller companies, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out. 

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A Motorola smartwatch is coming later this year


Glad to see another big player coming to the table, especially in light of Samsung's decision to limit the Gear 2 to their own devices.

I'm excited. After seeing how Motorola approached the smartphone game with the X and G, I think they're gonna nail the design of their smartwatch.

This might be the second time I've agreed with you on this, but it's worth agreeing again!!!

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Google owns Motorola. They bought it for the IP and patents. Why would they let Moto make their own product that competes with their smartwatch?

Yeah they were purchased by Lenovo, while Google kept a bevy of patents and held on to Project Ara and various other bits and pieces.

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