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Movo Wave is a budget activity tracker that brings the basics

Movo Wave
By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2014 12:00 pm

The Movo Wave is a new wearable device that aims to make activity tracking more accessible for those on a budget. The $29.99 wrist-worn fitness tracker has many of the same features as similar, more expensive devices, but at a fraction of the price. With the Wave, you'll be able to track steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. That may not seem like a lot, but for those looking for just a simple tracker with no frills (or added bonuses like sleep tracking or floors claimed) the Wave may be the ticket.

The Movo Wave also lacks one big feature that other trackers mostly have as standard — Bluetooth. The Wave doesn't have wireless sync, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Rather than using Bluetooth to get your data to the Movo app, the Wave plugs into your phone using the headphone jack, then transfers data directly to the app. It may be an inconvenience if you like seeing your data instantly whenever you open the app, but I found it wasn't all that bad to plug the device in and let it sync. I actually just plugged it in when heading into the shower, since the Wave isn't waterproof it made for a good time to do so.

Movo Wave Plug

The device is a simple silicone band that comes in various sizes from small to extra-large. The headphone connector sits on one end, and rests inside the other to close up the band. It's held together with an "accessory loop" that actually adds a bit of style to the otherwise bland device. Included are red and black bands, but Movo will soon offer 5-packs with additional colors.

The battery on the Wave lasts for about two weeks on a full charge. You'll know it's getting low when the LED flashes red, but there's really no way to check it otherwise. Since there's no wireless sync, you'll also need to be mindful and sync at least once a week or your data will be lost.

The Movo app is where you data lives — showing you a breakdown of your daily stats, month by month. The day view shows your numbers for miles, calories and steps, and challenges are on the way soon as well. You can also view a quick graph of your stats for the month where you can see everything in one place.

It's all a relatively inexpensive, simple way of doing activity tracking. You'll be able to keep tabs on basic stats without having to shell out a load of money for an expensive tracker, which for those on a budget is a great option. The Movo Wave is comfortable to wear, can be spiced up a bit with new accessory loops and won't set you back a ton of cash. If you're looking for a simple way to track your daily activities, this one is worth checking out.

The Movo app is heading to iOS later this month, and Android in early 2015.

Press Release

Movo Launches Affordable High-quality Wearable Device for Measuring Daily Activity

The Movo Wave activity tracker retails for just $29.99 – tracks steps, calories burned, total distance and pairs data with photos on a phone's camera roll

NEW YORK, December 11, 2014—Movo (, the company making technology more accessible to everyone, today announced the launch of their first consumer product, the Movo Wave, a wearable device that is simple, stylish and affordable, available for only $29.99.

With the Wave, Movo is on a mission to make wellness more approachable by tracking what matters most: steps, distance, and calories burned. The Movo Wave takes data one step further, by allowing users to pair activity data from the day with photos on their device's camera roll, giving context as to how their day was spent beyond steps measured.

"Tracking motion shouldn't be complicated - it should be meaningful," says CEO & Co-Founder Mark Tanner. "You shouldn't have to pay for features you'll never use. We developed the Movo Wave to help improve people's lives by offering a device that is intuitive, affordable, and tracks only what is most important. We wanted to take a step back and redesign this concept and offer what we believe is the first wearable device truly designed for everyone."

How the Movo Wave works:

  • Sync data seamlessly: Plug the Wave into a phone's headphone jack to upload data to the Movo Wave app. Data can be viewed in the Movo App in both a calendar and a graphical format.
  • Record your activity, wherever it takes you: The Movo Wave is water resistant and tracks steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.
  • Life Log: The Movo Wave app displays data in a monthly calendar format. Clicking on a specific date displays a daily stat snapshot that can be paired with a photo to provide context as to where and how steps were taken.

The Wave's design keeps simplicity in mind with a sleek structure that weighs less than one ounce, and comes with colored loops for quick customization. The Wave's battery life is optimized to last two weeks on a full charge.

The Movo Wave marks the next generation of wearable technology for everyone, delivering form and function at the most affordable price. The Wave app is available for free on both iOS and Android.  The Movo Wave can be purchased at

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Movo Wave is a budget activity tracker that brings the basics