For the connected professional

You carry a lot of smart gear in your bag, so maybe it's time for a bag that's as smart as your tech? Mr. Fox's Bag is a handsome, men's carryall with built-in smart functions!

Connected and classy

Mr. Fox's Bag was created for the modern man. A professional who carries their phone, laptop, and other essentials with them every day. But life is busy, sometimes you forget to bring all the stuff you need to work, or maybe you have nowhere to plug in for a top-up charge? This bag has you covered thanks to its smart features.

The Mr. Fox Bag has built-in item tracking. This means if you're about to leave home and you forget your notebook, travel mug, or any other item you tell Mr. Fox is important by placing an included Bluetooth tracker on it, you'll receive a notification that you've left something important behind. A built-in charger tops up your phone, laptop, or tablet battery on the go, and you can track your bag's location from your phone in case you get separated!

Mr. Fox's Bag

The bag comes with Bluetooth trackers you can put on things you don't want to lose.


The Mr. Fox Bag is a smart bag for the modern man featuring a built in battery charger, item tracker, and handsome leather design.

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What's in the box?

Already have a go-to bag you love? Then maybe you just want to add a Mr. Fox's box. You can transplant this smart brain into your existing bag to give it charging and tracking functions.

The Mr Fox's Bag is available in three timeless colors.