If navigating Apple Music or Spotify is too overwhelming or time-consuming for you, there is a new music streaming devices coming out that may interest you. It's called the Electric Jukebox, and it promises to bring tunes to your living room with an easy plug-in and play setup.

The Electric Jukebox comes with an HDMI dongle that plugs into your standard HDMI equipped TV. It also comes with a microphone equipped remote that looks similar to the Wii Wand and allows you to control the menus with your voice or hand motions with the built-in motion sensor. It's aimed to be simple, and that's why the remote only has four buttons on it. An OK button for making selections, a pause button to stop your music, a microphone button to talk to your device, and a back button to scroll back through the menus. Setup requires you only to plug the device to your TV and connect it to your WiFi network. After that, the Electric Jukebox gives you access to millions of songs and albums and different curated channels that can recommend music based on your tastes. The purchase of the Electric Jukebox comes with a one-year subscription to the Premium Music Pass, which offers ad-free listening. After that, a $60 annual membership due is required.

The Electric Jukebox is available for preorder in the US and the UK and will retail for a not so modest $229. The device release date is unknown but promises to arrive by Christmas 2016.

PreOrder your Electric Jukebox / $ 229