Myo armband design finalized as developer units get set to ship

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2014 09:14 am

The folks at Thalmic are getting closer and closer to getting their Myo gesture-control armband out the door. We've previously seen some early designs on the Myo, but Thalmic has now locked down a final product with the first units heading out to developers next month. The Myo came to inception back in 2012, so many backers have been patiently waiting to get their arms on one.

The Myo is an armband that runs over Bluetooth and sits about halfway up your arm. Weighing in at just under 95g, it allows you to control your phone, computer, video games and other electronic devices using electrical impulses from your muscles. Of course these examples are just some of what the Myo will be capable of — think about using one on each arm for even more control of games.

The Myo is available now to pre-order for $149 and will begin shipping later this year after developers get their units.

What do you think of the Myo design? Will you be picking one up?

Source: TechCrunch

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Myo armband design finalized as developer units get set to ship


Halfway up your arm? While living in a cold, always rainy country thus wearing long sleeves most of the time? No, thank you.